Mt. Mentok Kangri (6250mts)

Cradled by the exquisite beauty of Ladakh’s Rupshu Valley, Mentok Kangri makes for a challenging trek, and graces the bucket list of every trekker! Nestled atop a stunning 6,250 meters, the trek is a window to the unfolding Changthang peaks overlooking the dazzling waters of Tso Moriri. A patchwork of quaint Ladakhi villages, rocky terrains, alpine meadows, and narrow, misty valleys crawling with exotic wildlife make up the Mentok Kangri trek. Snaking through Rumtse, Nuruchan, Tislang, Khardung La and Kyamar, the exhilarating feeling of scaling a six thousander never leaves you. Despite the challenging journey, the vast views dominated by Kang Yatse and Chamsher and Lungsher peaks more than makes up for the fatigue!

Ladakh, J & K | 14D/13N | 20,834 Ft.| June to October

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The itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Arrive at Leh

Day 2: Rest and acclimatise in and around Leh

Day 3: Drive to Rumtse and trek to Kyamar

Day 4: Trek from Kyamar to Tisaling via Kyamar La

Day 5: Trek from Tisaling to Pangunago via Shibukla

Day 6: Trek from Pangunagu to Nuruchan

Day 7: Trek from Nuruchan to Rajungkaru

Day 8: Trek from Rajungkaru to Gayambarma via Kyamayuri La

Day 9: Trek from Gyamabarma to Korzok via Yalung Nyau La

Day 10: Trek from Korzok to Mentok Kangri Base Camp

Day 11 and Day 12: Summit Day

Day 13: Trek from Base Camp to Korzok

Day 14: Drive from Korzok to Leh


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